We help the blind navigate their university. Alone.

Introducing the first indoor navigation app for blind students


A problem worth solving

Today's blind student must rely on others to find his or her professor's office or the nearest restroom.

  • 1

    Only 14% of blind people graduate college

    Student success is determined by others' availability to help

  • 2

    ADA: Stricter school standards are coming

    Schools must implement new technology to provide reasonable accommodation

  • 3

    Only 8% of blind students read braille

    Students cannot use posted signs to determine location

  • 4

    But, 82% of blind students use a smartphone

    Students feel comfortable augmenting their lives with apps


The only indoor GPS for the blind

Voice turn-by-turn navigation
Built for blind students

New Braille gives dignity and empowerment back to blind students by allowing them to navigate indoors on their own. With new freedom and confidence, students can control the trajectory of their studies: attendance, office visits, and their success. Schools are able to recruit high-caliber students and position themselves ahead of the curve in providing accommodations and success to all students.

Universities and students benefit

  • Reduce disabled student attrition
  • Recruit high-caliber students
  • Improve student performance
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Available at
limited universities in 2017

New Braille will allow blind students to always be confident of their location. When it's time to move, simply enter the desired destination – a classroom or professor’s office – and receive instructions along the way.

New Braille can go places GPS can't - including underground. By collecting a database of the unique magnetic fingerprints of each meter of space in a building, New Braille pinpoints a location by sensing the electromagnetic interference from the steel and concrete structures around it. No extra hardware needed.

Using New Braille is easy and intuitive

  • The student specifies their desired destination

    Users may specify a professor, a room numer, or a class. The location options are endless.

  • The app guides the student

    The app gives turn-by-turn audio and low-vision compatible instruction. Stairs and other hazards are alerted.

  • Professors, schools, and students succeed

    As campuses become more accessible, students simply do better. Everyone reaps the rewards of first-ever autonomy for the blind.

U.S. Universities

Your school needs to lead the effort

launching the first day of school — August 2017

At a glance

New Braille is driven by voice, but looks great, too!


Disability is not a 'brave struggle' or 'courage in the face of adversity'...disability is an art.

It's an ingenious way to live.

Neil Marcus


Partner with us.

Be among the first to bring New Braille to schools everywhere.

We want to partner with learning and accommodation offices at universities across the nation to empower blind students. Contact us to discuss the enormous benefits New Braille provides to school academics, reputation, and most importantly, student success.

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